Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Packing and Cleaning

So we have been very busy cleaning and packing up our apartment for the big move. What a hassle. It stinks! We do have, though, a pretty big pile for Salvation Army which is good. We still have lots to do before we move, but I think we'll make it. So here's the plan now. We rented a truck to pick up next Thursday. We have also rented men to help with the move. They will be coming in the morning to load our apartment into the truck. So we need to be all packed and ready Wednesday night. We decided to go with movers because of the three floors that you have to travel up to get here and because of all the heavy furniture. We are too old to be having our friends do it. So then, Andrew will take the truck to our storage unit and my mom's house to load up our belongings there. We also have things from Andrew's mom's place, but only a few so they are bringing them over Thursday morning. We have a lot of things in a lot of places. So then I will be cleaning out and packing the cars. We then will be staying at my dad's in Elgin for the night since it is a little closer to Madison and he has a place to park our 24 foot truck. Then Friday morning we leave bright and early to get to our closing by 10. We then have movers set up in Madison to help us unload Friday afternoon. It will be a whirlwind of 48 hours, but well worth it. We are SO excited that this time is finally here. In between the packing and cleaning, we have done all that we can to see our friends and family one last time here. We have done a pretty good job doing lunches and dinners almost every day we have been home. It has been well worth is though. We have such amazing friends and family here in the Chicago area and we are really going to miss everyone. But now they have a pretty awesome place to come visit! The invitation is always open! We have also been traveling and doing fun things like Ravinia, Cubs Games, a wedding in Indy, week in North Carolina and Green Lake, WI this weekend. Once we unpack and I find my camera cord I will post some pictures. Until then, we hope everyone is having a glorious summer!

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