Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pokies All Around

We can never have enough visitors.  For Halloween weekend, some of Andrew's closest friends came to visit us.  His fellow Conant Cougars joined us in the crazy town on Halloween.  We spent another Saturday at Brother's watching football.  We had a delicious dinner at Bucky's, and then headed downtown to watch all the crazies out for Halloween.  While we didn't dress up, we sure saw our fair share of costumes, good and bad.  My favorite was a 14 year old (drinking beer) and his dad in matching pink and purple sequin mini-skirts and hats.  Only in WI will you see that.  

Here are a couple pictures from the weekend.  We HAD to document the pokey stix experience for both Ferdie and Katie.  Ferdie was upset we only ordered them once, while this was Katie's first pokey stix.  It was a great weekend and it was great to see some fabulous friends. 
The Group at Bucky's on Atwood
At Great Dane enjoying people watching.

Ferdie LOVES his pokies and Katie is enjoying them too!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pumpking Carving and Hawkeye Football

Since we have owned a home, I LOVE to entertain.  I try to have people over whenever we can.  For the Halloween holiday (which is not one of my favorites) I thought we would have people over to carve pumpkins.  While we already have a great friend base here, we have started making friends at work and wanted to join the groups.  The night of the party, just happen to be a night football game, so it was a pumpkin carving/Hawkeye football watching party. 

While most people were into the game, Jeanette, Adam and I carved our pumpkins.  My other Sauk Trail friends enjoyed watching us watch the game, especially with the last second catch in the end zone for the win.  It got a little intense and with the win, I thought the house would fall down with all of us jumping.  I carved a Tiger Hawk into my pumpkin in honor of the win.  Here are some of the pictures.

The pumpkin carvers.


The Wiederhoefts--so cute!

Sauk Trail Friends

Our Tiger Hawk Pumpkin (yeah it was hand drawn--pretty awesome, I know).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall in Madison

Even though most of our fall has consisted of rainy, chilly days, we have had a couple beautiful days. They are far and few between, but we sure do take advantage of them when we can. One thing we have noticed about living here is the number of trees everywhere you go. So many streets are tree lined and during this fall, they have been absolutely gorgeous. As most of our leaves are in our yard, a chore we are not too excited about, we do have these photos to remember how beautiful it was for about a week.

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