Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Catch Up-Spring

Well, here we are trying to catch up again.  I honestly can't even remember what happened in spring until I  looked at the pictures.  

It must not have been anything too exciting, except a lot of growing by our sweet baby boy, I'm sure.  In the spring he is about 15-18 months.  He probably weighed about 20 lbs. and was babbling up a storm.  

So it looks like I didn't even get an 18 month picture or keep the stats from his 18 month doctor appointment.  Oops.      

Here are some pictures.  Enjoy.

This boy LOVES books!
 Hugs and snuggles for monkey. 
 First chilly ride in the new wagon.  Thanks Nana.
 Easter Egg hunt at the Duck Pond with the Mallards.  It was over in like 10 seconds and Owen got like 3 eggs because we hoarded them around him so other kids wouldn't take them.  
 O with 1 of his eggs. 
One of many sicks days.  Snuggling with the big bubba.
 Happy Boy.
 Kisses from mama and dada. 
 Crazy Legs Walk .
 Just hamming it up in his robe.
 Cool dude.
 Brunch for Mother's Day. 
 First boat ride of the year. 
 Monona Memorial Day Parade. 
 Watching Dada out the back door. 
 Just hanging with the boys at the Terrace. 

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