Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Made It!

We made it to the weekend and the kitchen is about 90% complete.  That's a lot more than I thought it might be.  We worked really hard every single day since last Thursday.  Here's a look at our list that we kept crossing things off of.
We pretty much stuck with our list the whole week and that made it really easy to stay on track.  My Dad is the master planner and that also helped us.  So I said we were about 90% done....here is a list of things we still need to do:
1. affix kick plates to bottoms of cabinets
2. cabinet and floor trim
3. install dishwasher and sink plumbing
4. install lights
5. install pot rack
6. install door thresholds

That's about it.  Just some little things, that will make a big difference.  But we still can't really use the kitchen because we don't have a counter top or a sink.  They did come measure for them though and the estimated day of installation is August 19.  Let's hope they come in earlier! 

Our captain of the tile team and kitchen squad left Friday afternoon.  We were really spent and told Dad to go home earlier than planned.  So Friday was more of a catch up day, then we got back to work Saturday.  Jamey came to finish the electrical and Andrew and I attempted to grout the tile floors all by ourselves.  After watching several how-to videos we went at it.  It was more hard work on our hands and knees, but that was the last big project, which feels really good.  Here's a look at our tiles and grout.  We still have to seal the grout, but can't do that until at least Tuesday. 
 I start the grouting
 Ange starts with the sponging.
After a while, we switch, I got a big blister.  
With all the grout dust, that's going to take FOREVER to clean up.
We tried to clean as much as we could.  Oh and the cabinet doors are on too.  I think it looks pretty good.

So that's it for a little bit.  I start teaching summer school again tomorrow for the next two weeks and we really just need to get our life and house in order.  When we do some work, I'll make sure to update so check back when you can.  It has been great blogging all week and we LOVE the feedback.  So until more work is done....keep enjoying your summer...

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  1. Good job bessick's and paige's dad! It looks amazing! I am SO impressed!


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