Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wine Tasting at le Tasting Room

After a wonderful day at Chenonceau, the next day we headed to Cumeray for a wine tasting at le Tasting Room with Cathy and Nigel.  Let's just say it was a wonderful day.  We started the morning at their beautiful home minutes from the Loire River that used to be an old winemaker's home.
The house.
 There was a garage cellar built into the rock wall behind the house.
Another quick drive from Le Bois, we got there to enjoy some cafe and madeleines.  As we got to know Cathy and Nigel, we started with a lesson in Loire wine.  Cathy and Nigel have so much knowledge of wine, especially french wine.  They came to France in 2006 from the UK and found their magnificent, beautiful home.  They have created their business and enjoy teaching lessons on wine to those who are ready to learn.  While I won't share everything, we learned a ton of information.  The part that I remember the most was about the 3 different types of wines in France.  The quality level and appellation system used to have four levels of classification, but starting in 2012, they have only 3.  The lowest level, also known as table wine is called Vin de France, the next level up is Indication Geographique Protegee and the highest level is the Appellation d'Origine Protegee.  If a wine label has AOC, you know that the wine will be consistent and the highest quality of wine.   

The classroom and wine tasting room.
At the end of the lesson, we tried three white wines and three red wines.  I didn't write them down and don't remember them all, but they were delicious.
After our wine lesson and tasting, Cathy and Nigel served a delicious French lunch.  It included a caprese salad, green lettuce salad, cured meats and a rabbit terrine.  We also had some cheeses and baguette and a fabulous tart for dessert.    
Enjoying my wine on the patio before lunch--I liked one of the reds the best.
 Some of the wines we tasted.
 Ange liked the red too.
 The old barrel cellar where we had lunch.
 Seated for lunch.
 The cellar again.
Once we were full from lunch, we headed to an organic vineyard to learn about growing the grapes.  A very interesting aspect of the wine lesson.
An apple tree.
 At the vineyard.
 This vineyard built a wall to grow the vines on.  It provides the vines with more heat.
 Look at this crazy flower.
 At the vineyard.
 So beautiful.
 An old building on the grounds of the vineyard.
 Baby vines.
 Enjoying the view.
 Headed down to the cellar to taste more wines.
 The dogs of the vineyard wanted to come with.
 In the cellar.

 Cellar door.
 Wine cellar.
 Smelling our wine.
 Tasting it.  I'm breathing in air to give the wine oxygen.
 4 wines that we tasted.
 Outside the vineyard.
Once again, we had a wonderful day.  These experiences in France have really been incredible, and our trip is only half way over at this point.  Getting to know Cathy and Nigel at le Tasting Room was great and they are so wonderful to open their home and share their knowledge with us.  

We had a quiet night at home to get ready for the next day. 

Next up: Chinon

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