Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our friends are fun, Badger games are lame

Some of our next visitors were more IKE friends. Kristin, Megan, Steve and Brian came up to party for a Badger game! We had a crazy weekend full of fun! It started at Lucky's bright and early. Not as early as a Hawkeye morning though. While Hawkeyes begin at 6AM, we got to Lucky's around 8:00 and it started picking up around 9:00. That's also when some of our Madison friends joined us too. We stayed there until game time, then went to the game. I have to say, I was quite disappointed.....the whole jump around thing is so lame. I was more impressed with the wave going around the whole stadium at different speeds than the student section jumping and swearing back and forth. While we did have a great time with our friends at the game, it just doesn't compare to an Iowa game. After the game, we had to watch the Hawkeyes so we went to Brother's, to watch it. Needless to say, the Hawks won, and most of us don't remember much except when Megan squirted Ketchup on Steve and when Andrew took a shot with a Badger wedding party. While we were planning on having some more friends over for a bon fire, I was the only one still awake to enjoy our new fire pit. It was a great weekend, and like everything else we do, this will be a yearly event! Oh yeah, and Brian just HAD to buy a Badger jersey and head band. But it was only $20.
The gang at Lucky's before the game sporting our sweet Miller Light Eye "Reds".
Our Madison friends joined us. We will forgive them for being Badger fans.
The girls at the game surrounded by red.
The boys at Jordan's after the game, before the Hawkeye game.

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