Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Road Trippin

After we spent the weekend in Indy for the Flores/Rosensteele wedding we decided to continue heading east and spend some quality time with Lindsay and friends in North Carolina. After 17 hours of driving, we finally got the the Fish House. Linds had rented a house in Carolina Beach, NC for the week, and it just happen to be called the Fish House. We spent the first couple of days with Linds and the hilarious Jenny , then Craigers and Reece joined us for the rest of our time. We had a blast as we spent quality time with loved ones. Andrew and Linds ate about an oceans worth of shell fish including clams and shrimp, while I stuck to land food. We spent almost 10 hours at the beach each day, soaking in the sun and waves and people watching. Let me tell you, North Carolina has some quality people watching. Lindsay invested in a much needed umbrella that helped us survive the sun and heat. When Craig and Reece joined us, the boys all got body boards to surf the waves. Reece absolutely loved being at the beach and it was so much fun watching him play in the waves. After a TON of eating, drinking, laughing and fun for the week, we had to head home and prepare for the move. We left early Saturday morning and drove straight through to make it home by 2:00am Sunday morning. It was a long drive with a lot of rain and some traffic, but it was good to be home after a fabulous vacation. Here are some pictures from the week. Thanks Linds for the glorious memories.
Life's a beach. This is the life.
Reece in the hole he dug. Definitely one of the sweetest 10 year olds you'll ever meet.
Andrew in his spot for the week. He stayed under the Carolina Blue umbrella all day after the first day he got a little crispy. It was definitely a life saver. Yeah, I got pooped on. Damn sea gulls. Look how cute our little family is. Love you guys. xoxo

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