Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Surprise in Chicago

Surprise!!!!  We surprised Lindsay who was in town visiting Patti.  Best Christmas present ever!  Lindsay came to Chicago to do tea and the Nutcracker with Patti and we just happen to be in the area, so we stopped by to spend some time with them.  While they had tea at the Drake in the afternoon, we spent the morning visiting with Grandma who has just had knee surgery.  She was also glad to see us.

We drove to the city, parked the car, had some Starbucks and went up to Patti and Lindsay's room to deliver some wine and cheese.  Linds has no idea we were coming and was super surprised.  After some snacks and Proseco in the room, we had a lovely steak dinner.  It was a great night.  

The next morning we had brunch with Andrew's Conant boys who were all in town too.  It was a great weekend, but I remember why we moved away from Chicago.  Being in the city for the whole weekend, made me so anxious.  The busy streets and crowded sidewalks were just too much for me.  But I must say, Chicago is very pretty in the winter, especially with the snow.  
Staying warm with matching hats.

Beautiful Christmas Tree
Ange and I at dinner
Patti and Linds at dinner

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