Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bicycle Built for Two

Riding a tandem bicycle has been said to be the most romantic thing to do as a couple.  While it was fun, romantic, I think not.  Sorry Adam.  Our friends, Jeanette and Adam, had two tandem bikes and we just had to get some shots on them.  While it was quite the experience, we had a fun time riding by the camera and trying to get the timing perfect.  Andrew and I got to ride the bike that is probably 30 years old and very hard to steer. 

The 4 of us hopped on the two bikes, and rode to see our friend's new cockapoo puppy.  We had to stop at Owen park for a photo shoot first.  But to get there we had to ride a mile or two, with several hills.  Andrew kept telling me to peddle, while I was screaming, "I am!!"  Either place you sit, steering or in back, you feel like you're doing all the work. 

After several takes, and the use of a photographer, not a tripod, we got some good pictures.  Take a look, and just picture us riding a bicycle built for two.

An artistic shot.  Thanks Adam.
Ooops....watch out.  Notice J's lack of flip flop.
The 4 of us.
The New Puppy.

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