Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walk for Occupaws

In May (I'm a little behind, but have lots to update so check back often), Jeanette and I did a dog walk for Occupaws in Middleton.  Occupaws is a guide dog association so the walk was to benefit this great charity.  I know you're thinking, Andrew and I don't have a dog, and yes you are right, we don't have a dog; I borrowed my neighbor's great pyrenees, saint bernard, akbash, komondor mix 20 week old puppy.  His name is Bandit and he is a great puppy.  Well trained, very relaxed and just a fabulous puppy.  

We walked around Middleton on a beautiful Saturday to get stamped by the local businesses.  We then entered into a raffle with the stamps.  We didn't win, but we did win the silent auction for Mallards Tickets (post to come soon).  It was a great day.  Olive, Jeanette's dog and Bandit got along really well.  We were wiped out and Bandit and Olive were also pooped.  Here are some pictures from the day.

The Gang taking a break at Culvers.  It was quite warm.
With Scoopie from Culvers.
Jeanette and Bandit
Olive and I

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