Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merry Christmas to Us

As always, our holidays were filled with lots of family and friends.  This year we actually documented it because we bought ourselves a new camera for Christmas!!  After doing some research and asking around, we decided on the Canon Rebel XS Digital SLR!  It is so beautiful and it is so much fun to use.  The pictures in our last post, were taken with the new camera.  Here are more shots from our busy holiday weekend.

**Warning picture overload.
Mom and Mike's grandson, CJ.  That's his happy face...seriously.
Addison reads books Michael Jordan style.
 Kaitlyn experiencing one of the Toxic Waste: Hazardously Sour Candy that was in her stocking.  Thanks Papa Bear.
Brooke's turn.
 Sara and the Hartke family welcomed Taylor Lauren on Thanksgiving Day.  
Such a cutie.  
 Cole smiling big for the camera.
 Loving the little nugget.
 Look at those little toes.
 So peaceful looking.  She slept through everything...
....and I mean everything, even when we made her do a touchdown for the Bears!

We also got in some serious Hayden time with a week off in Madison.  
 We finally got to try Dotty Dumpling's Dowry before the UW Hockey game.  I'm declaring it the best burger we've had in Madison!
 Sporting our Blackhawks gear.  Notice the sweet jersey Andrew got for Christmas.

I love the quality of the pictures and the fact that you can take about a million pictures a second.  We got some really good faces (especially with the sour candy) on all the kiddos with the ability to take pictures really fast.  I can't wait to learn more about it and figure out all the cool things it can do.  

Until then, we'll continue to wear the neck strap and carry it like a newborn baby.  

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