Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Awhile back, we got to take a quick trip to Mexico with my Mom and Mike.  They gave us a trip a couple of holidays ago and we just hadn't redeemed it yet.  So this spring, we decided to cash it in and take a trip to Mexico.  

We flew out of Chicago with a direct flight to Cancun.  With only 3 days in Mexico, we had a VERY quick trip and didn't want any travel problems.  Well, that didn't seem to be the case.  After an on-time departure from O'Hare, about 20 minutes into our flight we had to return to ORD because of some technical issues.  We had to deplane, wait for them to check out the plane and then get back on about an hour later.  The problems didn't end there.  While loading, a passenger slipped on the runway and the ambulance was called, another delay and about 30 minutes later, we were ready to get going.  The issues didn't stop there, after boarding the plane for the second time, there were still issues so they had to shut down the plane and restart it.  And by shut down, I mean shut down.  No lights, no air, no power, nothing.  So, finally about 2 hours after getting off the plane, we were back up in the air, crossing our fingers we would make it safely. 

Boarding our flight for the second time.

The rest of the flight went  well and we made it safe and sound to Cancun.  Our first flight was to land in Cancun around 10AM, before most of the other international flights.  We could have made it through customs and been at our resort with a drink in hand by 12:00, noon.  That again wasn't the case.  Because we got in around 12:00, all the other international flights had gotten in as well and we proceeded to wait in the long lines at customs for 2 more hours.  About this time, I was tired, hungry and annoyed that I didn't have my drink yet.  Once through customs we found our shuttle to the resort and were ready to roll.  Once again though, because we were late, we were put onto a shuttle with extra room and then rode for 2 more hours to get to our resort.  I finally had food and a drink at 4:00PM.  12 hours after we woke up for our easy flight to Cancun.  Easy, it was not.

On the shuttle ready for the ride to the resort.  Happy to be in Mexico. 

With a long day of traveling, we were ready to hit the beach and get some sun.  We hurried to our rooms, and got to the beach just in time to enjoy some sun before the sunset.  After a dinner buffet, we were ready for bed so we could make the most out of our now 2 day trip. 
We were greeted by a peacock. 
Ready for dinner at the buffet.

The next day, we were ready to party our asses off, and party we did.  We spent the entire day at the swim-up bar.  We made friends, tried every drink imaginable, and had an awesome day.  Until about 6:00PM, when the Miami vices, BBCs (banana, baileys and cream), rum and cokes, blue Hawaiis, supermans, cervezas and every other drink we had caught up to us.  We were spent and passed out on the beach.  We didn't even make it to dinner that night.  We got a full 12 hours of drunk sleep and were ready to go the next day.  
Enjoying the beach before we decided to go to the swim-up bar.
Enjoying some time in the gulf.

 Hat #1.
 Starting it off double-fisting with a Blue Hawaii and BBC.
 Like mother, like daughter.
 Our Big 10 friends.
 Learning from the pros.  They do this kind of vaca at least twice a year.
 The amateurs.

Needless to say, after our crazy first day, we took the next day easy and enjoyed the beach cabanas and hourly stop from the waitress.  The weather was perfect, the gulf was such a beautiful blue and the sun was shining.  As our last day there, we just enjoyed the water and relaxation. 
Enjoying the beach.  Hat #2.
 We stopped by the swim-up just to say hi to our friends from the day before.

Taking a walk on the beach and just enjoying our last day in Mexico.

Beach cabanas.
 Toucans.  There were so many cool animals.  We even saw monkeys, but didn't get a picture.
 Touring the grounds.
 Dinner at the Steakhouse on our last night.
 Thanks Mom and Mike for an awesome trip.
 Beautiful night view of the main pool.

 We had an awesome time.  The grounds were beautiful, the rooms were clean, the food was good and the resort was very nice.  I can't wait for our next vacation. 

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