Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Bestie Spring Break

Wow, it's been awhile, let me catch you up....

For my spring break, I visited my bestie Beth in Charlotte, NC!  Since Andrew and I didn't have the same break again (Booo!!!) I decided to take a trip out east to see my best friend from high school.  Beth just moved out there in January and I wanted to go somewhere, preferable somewhere warm.  So on Monday of break, I flew to NC.  After some plane delays and issues, I made it safely. 

We decided to take a road trip to Hilton Head for a few days.  It was perfect.  The weather was beautiful and we stayed right on the beach at the Hilton.  We spent some quality time on the beach listening to the waves and soaking up the sun. 
 Entering South Carolina.
It hit 91 degrees!  I was so happy to be in warm weather.
 View from our room.
 At dinner in Hilton Head.

The rest of my trip was spent in Charlotte.  We went to the Bobcats NBA game and toured around the city.  It is a beautiful city and I see why Beth likes it so much.  We had some good food, saw a cool literacy park and enjoyed the nice weather. 
At the Bobcats Game.  They lost.
 The city....
 Reading park downtown.  The whole park is related to reading.  It was so cool!
 Cool book statue. 
 This was perfect for what was happening at home--Take that Scott Walker.

It was a much need vaca and it was great to see and catch up with Bethie, just us girls.  Hopefully next time Ange can come with, I think he will really like it!  And hopefully we can plan another trip soon.  Thanks Bethie for a great trip!  Love and miss you. 

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