Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bandit Update

I guess I'm just on a dog kick.  Remember Bandit, our neighbor Jim's dog?  I took him on the Walk for Occupaws last May (see blog post here).  He was just a puppy at about 20 weeks old back then.  Well, take a look at him now.  He has grown into his paws and has become one very, VERY large, lovable dog.  He is a great dog and always comes to give us some licks when we see him.  He is still a puppy at just over a year old, and loves, LOVES the snow.  On our snow day, a month or so ago, as we were shoveling our drive, he came to help.  Here are some comparison pictures.
This was last spring at 20 weeks old.
And look at him now.
 He's standing in about 12 inches of snow.  It doesn't even come up to his belly.

Just to give you a feel for how BIG he actually is.  One day a couple weeks ago, he greeted me as I was leaving for school.  I was in my car, and he came up to the driver's side window and proceeded to give me a lick without even stretching far.  He is really that tall. 

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