Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Functional Bathroom

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Andrew and I made a quick trip back to the burbs to visit with family.  We were with Ange's family for fondue on Christmas eve and my family for Chinese (my parents are in the middle of a kitchen renovation) and rock band on Christmas. 
Here are some pictures of the bathroom with the first layer or wallpaper off.
 Ready to scrape.
 We used Dif to help us.  It made it a lot easier.
 Ugh, but look at that mess.

When we returned back to Madison, we really had to focus and get our bathroom done.  With the wall paper off, we primed the whole bathroom.  The bead board took two coats of prime while the rest of the wall and ceiling only took one. 

Oh yeah, we did some filling of holes too.  Here is Ange filling those holes. 
 I'm the rolling machine.
 All primed and ready to paint.
We then had to make the tough decision about paint.  We are kinda of nervous paint buyers and have to get several samples to make sure we pick the right color.  We were not worried about the white, because white is white and we went with White Fur.  The green, however, was not so easy.  We had 5 samples to choose from, which I had painstakingly narrowed down from about 15.  In the end we went with Chinese Jade.  We thought it looked the best with the shower curtain and that it didn't look too much like baby poop.  It's the color that is second from the left.  White fur only needed one coat, but the green needed two.
Our green paint choices with a glimpse of the shower curtain.
All done painting!
 You can't really tell the color in the pictures, but you can tell that it's green.
So after a break for pierogies with Patti and Dan and the Ellefsons, we were back to try to finish the bathroom.  
Look at those pierogies!! 
After the pierogi break, we did some caulking, major scrubbing of the tub and floor, some electrical work and drilling so we just about have a functional bathroom.  We did have some electrical issues and had to call up our old friend Jamey, the electrician, as Andrew just about blew up the house.  Not really, but after a shortage and puff of smoke, we decided we better be safe and give him a call.  So now, we are waiting for him to come check out the bathroom until we can put up the mirror and some other shelving.

But for now, at least we can shower!  Next post will be the reveal!  Make sure to check back soon.

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