Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Bessick Holiday

No bathroom debut yet, we've had a hold up putting the mirror and a not-so-centered light.  I promise, when it's done, I'll post. 

Onto a recap of our holidays.  We had a very busy winter break.  With only a little over a week to squeeze in our usual travels, we barely had time to rest.  Andrew worked all the way up through Thursday before Christmas so Friday spent taking down wallpaper and completing any last minute gifts for our trip home. 

I thought I start out with a picture of house decorated for the Holidays.  This year we added the second wreath on the left side of the house and we really like it.

I had Thursday off and had a chance to visit with the Wiederhoefts and their new addition Eagan.  While he was just over a week old, he was such a little nugget (and still is) and slept the whole time I was there.  Take a look at him snoozing on my lap, such a cutie. 

Christmas Eve: as per usual we spent Christmas Eve with Patti and Dan in Schaumburg for Fondue.  Because Jeanette and Adam had Eagan, we didn't get a chance to do our usual pre-Christmas fondue with them so we were REALLY looking forward to gorging ourselves that night.  It was a wonderful night of fondue, family and home-made gifts.  I've mentioned it before (find it here), but with Andrew's family we have a rule about gifts: it has to be made, re-gifted, consumable, or a game (that's a new addition this year).  With our trip to St. Maarten to celebrate Dan's 60th coming up soon, we didn't do too many gifts.  But there were a couple good ones.  Patti gave Andrew and I a portable table-tennis set that sets up on a table and you can play anywhere.  From Linds, Andrew got a whole football entertaining kit and I got many fun crafting accessories.  We also got a bloody Mary basket too.  

Christmas Day: We typically spend Christmas with my mom, and this year was no different.  However, our Christmas day was much different than usual.  We normally make it to Mom and Mike's house in time to celebrate with Mike's kids and their kids.  But because my mom is in the middle of a kitchen renovation (it really runs in the family), they have no kitchen and decided not to do the big celebration.  Instead, we went to Chinese (our favorite Sun Shui in Arlington Heights) and then played Rock Band the rest of the night.  For Christmas from then, we get to go to Destin, FL this summer where they have rented a house for the week for all of us kids!  We couldn't go last time and are supper excited to be able to make it this year.  

After that, we headed back home to get some work done on our bathroom.  While taking a break from the bathroom renovations, Patti and Dan had their second annual pierogie party at their condo up here in Madison.  I mentioned it in my last post, but wanted to add some pictures that I had from my phone.  As with last year, we invited the Ellefson's to the party.  This year, without Linds and Craig, it just wasn't the same, but we did enjoy some delicious pierogies, ham and red jello.

Andrew and I each with Baby Jacob. 
Hayden loved wearing Patti's Polska Pierogie apron the Linds made for her.
With being about 85% done with the bathroom, we headed back to Chicago.  This time, we spent a evening with Dad, Kelly and Brett.  I had been craving some of my Dad's DD's Chewy Meat (only the best steak you will ever eat--promise), so he made that for me.  With Brett off doing what 15-year-old boys do best, playing video games, we enjoyed a lovely evening chatting and enjoying several glasses of wine and port (too many for Kelly and I).
 While at Dad's, Fiona was quite the little snuggle bug .
The whole Conant Group: Top: Andrew, James, Amit and Brian. 
Bottom: me, Katie & Elliot, Min Hee and Jeff.
Such a good lookin' group!
While we were back in the Chi this second time, we had planned to meet up with Andrew's high school friends.  With Amit and Harini in California and Jeff and Min Hee in Philadelphia it isn't often that we get to see everyone.  Even with James and Katie and Brian in the Chicago area, we very rarely get to see them.  So with everyone back home for the holidays we had to get together.  The last time we all got together was for Amit and Harini's wedding in California 2 years ago.  Ferdie was unable to join us and we missed the Turtle, but it was so good to see everyone and catch up.  We were celebrating several birthdays and a couple babies too.  James and Katie had Elliot in July and Amit and Harini had Saanvi in November.  

Last, but not least, we celebrated New Year's Eve before heading back to school.  This year, we kind of laid low more than usual.  We hadn't been out to dinner with just Bryan and Janice in awhile so we went to Fresco, just the four of us.  As usual, we had a wonderful meal.  We then had a drink at Paul's Club, then Tipsy Cow then headed to the Majestic.  Because Bry and Jan have two little kids at home, we then headed back to their place to relieve the babysitter and finish off the night.  With some more beers and champagne, we ended the night with a bang.  Here a couple of the more appropriate pictures, I won't scare you with the end of the night shots.  It was another wonderful New Year's in Madison with great friends. 
Ange and I enjoying a drink at Paul's.
 Bryan and Janice.
 All four of us--such great friends.

I thought I'd end this post with Midnight and her favorite toy from my mom.  A catnip filled mousy.  She just loves it!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends and fun.  Here's to a happy and healthy 2012.

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