Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Preggers and Tailgating....

they don't really mix.  

The first game we went to was a Wisconsin game.  Our friends Kristin and Brendan came up to celebrate my birthday and go to a football game labor day weekend.  I was only about 6.5 months pregnant.  We enjoyed some Bloody Mary's (mine virgin, of course), some grilling and a beautiful day of hanging out with our great friends.  While I was not super big yet, I still felt huge in the cramped seats.  We had a ton of fun though!
Kris and B enjoying their bloodies.  
I'll have you know that Schiewitz did not like bloody Mary's until I came around. :o)
 We liked ours too!
 B and Ange hanging out.
 Kris and I.  You can see my little preggo belly.
 Love these guys!
 At the game.
We went to the Iowa-PSU game back in October.  As with the last Iowa-PSU game (see post here) we went to, the Hawks were awful.

Anyway, even though they lost horribly, we still had a great time!  Andrew went to Iowa City on Friday night, while I rode in with friends on Saturday.  I didn't think I would be able to make it 2 nights away, being 8 months pregnant. 

We arrived Saturday morning and started tailgating right away.  I stayed off my feet as much as I could, but did end up taking a nap in the car for over an hour.  With it being a night game, it was a long day.  It was, however, a beautiful day to tailgate.

We has a blast with our friends and did some sophisticated-real, adult tailgating.  Here are some pictures from our trip.
 The whole group.
 Baby B is a good beer holder.
 Janice and I.
 The boys.
 Yay band and black and gold stripes!
 The boys at the game--thanks Scottie for the great seats!
 Ange and I.
While it was super fun, I would recommend not traveling past 30 weeks pregnant.  Coming home we had a little scare-I didn't feel well, was nauseous, lethargic and overall feeling gross, but thanks to Janice for keeping us calm and taking care of me, we made it home safely after a long weekend!

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