Our Family

Our Family

Friday, February 1, 2013

Third Trimester

The last 3 months of my pregnancy went by so fast!  With school starting, planning for a baby, baby showers, several holidays and bed rest I don't know where the time went. 

I already told you about our tailgating experience (seen here).  I plan on updating you on the rest of our fall, but overall our third trimester went by without a hitch....that is until the beginning of December.

If you know me at all, you know I am a go-go-go person.  I am not very good at delegating things to other people and really didn't slow down at all during my pregnancy, to much disapproval of Andrew.  Well, it finally caught up with me.  The last couple of months of my pregnancy, the doctor was monitoring my blood pressure.  I typically have a pretty low BP, and while being pregnant it usually is higher, mine was up to 140s/90s at one point, which is typically high, but especially high for me.  On December 5, I wasn't feeling well, but went to school anyway.  I ended up calling my doctor's office at 8:00 when it opened and was told to come in as soon as possible.  I left school immediately, and haven't been back since.  My blood pressure was super high and was ordered on bed rest by my doctor.  For the next week and a half I rested and twiddled my thumbs just waiting for this baby to make an appearance.  I'll tell you more about that later.

For now though, some pictures from my third trimester.  

Some pictures from our maternity shot with Beth Skogen from Beth Skogen Photography

Some belly love.

Wow--look at that belly.

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