Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome Home Owen

We went into the hospital on Dec. 14th at 7:30pm.  Owen was born on Saturday and we left for home on Monday.  We were ready to be home and start our life as a family of 3.  We survived that first night home as Owen spent the night in our arms.  We weren't really happy with our sleeping options for him and were scared to put him down for any stretch of time so between Andrew and I, we took turns holding him.  After a sleepless night, we decided things had to change.  Oh the nerves of being a new parent.  The next night was better as we decided to try our pack-n-play and felt more comfortable putting him down for longer than 5 minutes.

We came home to dinner in the fridge, our Christmas tree lit up and some decorations welcoming Owen into our family.  Thanks Nana and Auntie Linds.

 On Tuesday, my mom came to stay with us.  She was such a huge help, making our meals, doing our laundry and taking the late shift so we could get some sleep.  She was a lifesaver.  Seriously, people always say to have someone come help, but we didn't really understand the need until she left and we had to do everything ourselves.  Thanks Mom!
Andrew had planned on taking off Monday-Wednesday of that week but we had a HUGE snowstorm so he had snow days Thursday and Friday and then it was winter break.  We got really lucky having Daddy home for almost 3 whole weeks before heading back to work.  

Within the first couple of days, we decided we needed to try to give Owen his first bath at home.  Mom captured the whole event.  It was rather scary as babies are quite slippery when wet.  But we survived.  Owen screamed the whole time and didn't seem to like it at all.  We have sense gotten better and Owen even enjoys his baths now.
All hands on deck.
 Cleaning his tush....he actually looks content here.
 Our little ducky getting dry.
 We survived.
 Look at all that hair.  It's curly when it's wet. 

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