Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1 Month Old and Gettin' Big

One month already, wow the time really flies.  Seriously, Owen is getting so big so fast.  This month we had so many visitors.  I'll post about that later, but for now. a recap of our month.

The week that we came home, Andrew planned on taking Monday-Wednesday off and had planned on going into work Thursday and Friday before winter break.  O Thursday and Friday, however, we had a huge snow storm.  We're talking 16+ inches and blizzard conditions which cancelled school both days.  So instead of just 3 days home, Andrew had off until after the new year!  It was awesome and we were so happy to have him home for so long. 
Owen in his snowman outfit for the big snow storm
Then we celebrated Christmas.  With Andrew's parents having a condo up here in Madison, we didn't do any traveling.  Everyone came to us.  We did our typical Christmas Eve Fondue which was fabulous.  We also celebrated Christmas at the condo the next day.  It was the first time out of the house as a family of 3.  It wasn't easy but it was nice going somewhere where we felt comfortable.  We did our usual, making gifts routine.  As I was pregnant and with baby, I was not very creative, but everyone else really stepped it up and impressed with fabulous gifts.
 Thanks Auntie Linds for the Herky Hoodie that's just like Daddy's wings!
 Snoozin' in the car seat.
 Baby's first Christmas.
The family celebrating Canada Day.

Grandpa Rick got to meet Owen over the New Year.  He came up from Florida and spent several says watching football with the boys.  Owen took some great naps on Grandpa's chest.  We can't wait till we get to see him again.
We had some other important family visitors.  Aunt Ceese and Auntie Maddie came from Seattle to meet Owen.  He just loved looking at beautiful Maddie.  He knows a pretty lady when he sees one--all he did was stare at her.
Great-Grandma was another very important visitor this month.  My mom and Mike drove my Grandma up to meet her great-grandson.  It was a special day as 4 generations were together.
Papa Bear and Owen
 4 Generations
 Grandma and Owen--thanks for the onesie Grandma!
 Great-Grandma and Great-Grandson
The last family to come up for the holidays was Dad and Kelly.  We enjoyed a nice visit with them too.
Grammy Kelly
**Notice, we have different names for each grandparent.  When there are 4 sets of grandparents, it's important they all have different names.  We'll see if Owen actually calls them by their different names of comes up with his own name for them.

Besides that, it was a lot of getting to know each other and trying to figure each other out.  We had a weight scare when we went in for our post-hospital check up as Owen had continued to lose weight since leaving the hospital.  My milk hadn't come in, so he wasn't getting the nutrients he needed and dropped to 7lbs, 15oz.  Luckily, it came in shortly after and the O-man gained 6 ounces in 2 days.  Way to go buddy.  Dr. Trias, his pediatrician, was pleasantly surprised and knew that he could gain weight.  After that, there was no slowin' him down.  Owen gained almost a pound each week for the next 3 weeks.  By his 4 week check up, he was up to 10lbs, 12oz.
 Ready for the tundra--it's cold out there.
 Please don't bother me, I'm sleepin'.
 Owen and Mommy
 He loves to snooze this way--enjoying some skin-to-skin time with Mommy.
 All swaddled and happy.
 Snoozin' with Daddy.
 Such a handsome boy
Also this month, he started shedding tears when he cried, slept for 7 hours one night (just one night, he hasn't done that since) and started smiling.  He's getting really good at holding his head up and looking at faces.  
 January 15th-1 Month Old
10 lbs. 12 oz.

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