Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take flight-months 2 & 3

Where does the time go?  Owen is already almost 4 months old and I'm already behind on our monthly updates.  I'm going to combine months 2 and 3 as they all kind of blend together.  He continues to be a totally chill and happy baby.  I was still at home with him and loving every minute.  I've been going to some mommy and baby groups through a local store, Happy Bambino and Meriter-a hospital in town.  I've meet some wonderful moms and cute babes too.
February 15, 2013
2 months old
12 lbs 13 oz
 He loves naked time everyday.
 Cheering on the Hawkeyes when they played the Badgers.  
 Daddy and Owen in their Hawkeye gear.
 Owen in the outfit that Andrew and Lindsay came home from the hospital in. 
 Stickin' my tongue out during tummy time.
 Owen is working on his neck muscles.
Owen took his first flight in February.  We flew to Charlotte for my friend Beth's wedding.  It was super hard as he was only 10 weeks old, but he was a master flier and slept most of the way both ways.  Thanks to Nana for helping us out and flying out to meet us and help out with Owen too!

Nobody knows the trouble I see.....the ghetto crib at the hotel in Charlotte.  He was a good sleeper in the hotel.
 Such a handsome boy all dressed up.
 Fancy family photo.
 O found his hands and loves sucking on them.
 It's been a rough winter.  Staying warm in his bear suit.
 Such a smiley boy.
Seriously mom?!?!  More tummy time?!?!
 Tummy time looking in the mirror.
March 15, 2013
3 months old

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