Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Family Vacation-4 Months

This month, we took our first family vacation.  While this was Owen's second set of flights, this was the first trip we took as a vacation.  We went to Florida to visit Grandpa Rick and Susan over spring break.  This is Andrew's 4th spring break visiting and my 2nd.  It's always nice to visit with them and enjoy the weather.  Although, this time it wasn't as nice as we would have hoped.  Owen had a brand new swimming suit that we couldn't even use.

While we were there, we spent most of our time outside.  We went to the Disney Animation Resort, Downtown Disney, Tampa and to the beach at Clearwater.  It was nice for Owen to finally be outside for more than 20 seconds and to see the blue sky and the sun!
We made it.  On the tram.
 Lovin' the shades.
 Taking a walk in Tampa.
 Grandpa Rick and Owen enjoying the weather.
 Staying out of the sun.
 Mommy & Owen, matchy, matchy.
 Such a handsome boy.
 So he had on the cute outfit above.  We then drove over an hour to the beach.  While in the car we had a huge blowout and didn't have an outfit that was fit for the FL weather.  All I had in the diaper bag was a fleece outfit from WI.  Needless to say, that wouldn't work in the 80 degrees so we opted for no shirt. 
 We ended up buying a shirt to protect him from the sun. 
 And it came with this awesome visor.  
"Would you like fries with that?"
 With it being March, it was also March Madness time.  Dad and Andrew showing Owen how it works.   
 My chunky monkey
 Such a big boy in the bumbo.
 He loves nakey time.
 My snuggle bug.
 Getting ready for lunch with Daddy in my doggy jacket.
4 Months Old
April 15, 2013
14 lbs, 8 oz...25 inches long

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