Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, June 15, 2013

5-6 Months

Wow, Owen is already a half-year old already.  We celebrated his 1/2 birthday today with some family time, a field trip to Home Depot and some playing outside.  The past 2 months have gone by fast, as they all have. 

Andrew finished his leave at home and went back to work for the last week.  Nana came and babysat for the week while we finished another year of school.  We've had a busy start the summer but are enjoying so much family time.  It's great having all of us home. 

During Owen's 5th month, we celebrated my first Mother's Day.  It might just be my new favorite holiday.  I got spoiled by Owen and Andrew and we went home to spend time with our moms and Grandma Doris.  We all went out to dinner and had a great time celebrating mothers!  Besides that, it was a rainy and chilly month.  We were looking forward to spending time outdoors, but that didn't happen in April or May.
  Our First Farmer's Market--one of our favorite things to do in the summer.
 Family picture outside our house after a day in the garden with the Ellefsons.
 Enjoying reading Goodnight Moon-his favorite book.
Owen loves his Sophie.
 Finally figured out how to work the jumperoo.
O fell asleep on our walk.
 Great-Grandma and Owen celebrating Mother's Day.
 4 Generations
 Celebrating all the moms.
 Mother's Day morning.

Watching the great outdoors-it was too cold to go outside.
 5 Months Old
During the 6 month, we started Owen's first summer.  Our goal is to show him how awesome summers are, especially in Madison.  Mother Nature didn't get the memo that summer started and it was chilly to start, but now the weather is turning around we've spent a lot of time outdoors.  While Andrew and I have done a bunch of work around the yard (hopefully a blog post to come), Owen has enjoyed spending time seeing everything there is to see outside.  For Mother's Day, I got a new umbrella that will provide us some much needed shade in the backyard. 

Besides that, Owen just continues to grow and grow.  We've got our first tooth coming in, finally, I thought it would never make an appearance.  He loves to laugh (or breath heavy-that's his laugh), play with his toes and he still loves his fingers.  He continues to roll from his back to his tummy and likes sleeping on his tummy with his tush in the air. 
 We LOVE the swing.
 Terrace for the first time.
 Terrace again-Owen loves cups.
 Smiley boy.
 Playing with Auntie Linds.
 How he sleeps-tush in the air.
 Smooches from Mom and Dad
 We snuck away for the Zac Brown Band concert at Alpine.  Thanks Grandma for babysitting!
Kristin and Brendan were there!
 My girls, Erin and Sara and the hubs.
 Selfie-all 6 of us!
 Sitting outside in the booster seat.
 Trying out the highchair for the first time-getting ready for solids soon.
 Playing outside with Mom and Dad do some yard work.
 Celebrating Nana's retirement!
 Teething?  Nope, just caught with a trunk in his mouth.
 6 months
15 lbs 9 oz
26 inches
 I'm trying to upload some videos, we've got some good ones, but am having a hard time.  Hopefully I'll get them on here soon.

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