Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's a Boy!!

It's a boy!  It's a boy!  We had a boy!!
Owen Michael Bessick
Born: 12-15-12
8 lbs 11 oz
21 inches

We are so excited to welcome this beautiful baby boy into our family.  We couldn't be happier.
 Family of 3.
 Proud Daddy.
 Look at those cheeks.
Now for a quick version of the birth, don't worry, I won't go into too much detail.

I had a a doctor's appointment in the afternoon on Friday 12/14.  That day though, I wasn't feeling well.  I was having pain in my chest, was kind of nauseous and overall, just not feeling right.  I called the doctor that morning and they wanted me to come in as soon as I could.  Andrew came home from work right away, picked me up and we went to the doctor.  After another high blood pressure reading and not feeling well, the doctor decided it was probably time for this baby to come.  Since it was after my due date and I wasn't feeling well, I was ready.  Although, I knew that meant an induction, I was ready to meet my baby and wanted to make sure everything was OK.

We went to the hospital that night at 7:30.  My mom came up right away, Patti and Dan were on their way and Lindsay got the first flight out the next day.  It was time to have a baby.
 Ready to have a baby.
After checking in and getting to our room we started the induction process around 9:30.  We started with a couple miso pills to dilate the cervix which worked and ended up breaking my water in the process.  After a night of mild contractions and no sleep they started the pitocin because I was not dilating as quickly as they had hoped.

A couple hours later I got my first epidural.  I had gone into the whole process planning on having one.  I was hoping to be relatively comfortable.  Well, that didn't seem to be the plan for me.  The epidural didn't work.  The anesthesiologist came back to try again and it still didn't work.  It just made my right leg numb and nothing else.

Fast forward several grueling, painful hours later after my contractions went from 0 to 100 rather quickly, I was ready to push.  It was 3:00.  2 hours, 19 minutes later, Owen Michael entered our world at a rather large 8 pounds, 11 ounces.  

While pushing, they thought he was posterior (head facing up) because of the severe back pain I was having.  I also swore quite a bit (which I'm sure wouldn't surprise some of you), asked when it would end, said I'm never doing this again, told them to pull it out of me and finally had some relief when his large head finally came out.

Andrew cut the umbilical cord, which was in a knot.  Owen was then placed on my chest for me to see and then quickly taken away to aspirate and get all the liquid out of his system.  I couldn't believe I had survived labor and that he was a boy.  We were so happy to finally have our baby here with us.  

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