Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving is Stressful

We've had quite a busy week as we made the move to Madison. To start, we are getting settled in and are loving the house, but it took some drama to get here. So here's the story.... It all started when I got a call from the place we were to pick up our truck. We were suppose to pick up the truck on Thursday at 9:30AM. On Wednesday at 5:30PM, I got a call saying the truck had mechanical problems and would not be drivable. She continued to tell us that she had worked all day to find a new truck with no luck and that we would have to find one for the next morning. While most places close at 6:00, we frantically called our parents for numbers to other truck places to call; we were not at home and needed the internet. No one had an extra 24 foot truck that we could use the next day. We were getting really worried. Then we get a call from my dad, he found a 24 footer in Elgin. It was reserved online, so Dad drove over to the place to actually see the truck. There were two of them, we were sure we had a truck and the place opened at 7:30, even better. Thursday morning, we get to the truck place at 7:30AM, to find a note on the door, "I have a doctor's appointment, I can be reached at ###-####." Are you kidding me!?!? We are all calling the number, no one answers. We start calling more more truck places to find a truck, but the movers were coming at 10:00AM. We had to find a truck fast!!! Finally, the guy answers and tells us he doesn't open until 8:30, not 7:30 like the online reservation told us. He gets there and then takes FOREVER to get the reservation finalized and it could only be a local delivery, not one way, so we had to figure out how to get the truck back to him by Saturday morning. Ugh....this is turning out to be more of a hassle and a pain in the butt. At 9:30 we leave the place headed home. At that point, I didn't even care anymore. I had a truck, the movers were coming in 30 minutes and we had to get home. At 9:45, I get a call that the movers were there ringing our bell with no answer. Of course, we are driving the truck back. We get there, park the truck and the movers start to load. Good thing we were completely packed Wednesday night. The only good thing of the morning. The men we rented from Two Men and a Truck were FABULOUS!! They worked their butts off and were running to get back up the stairs and just worked really hard to get done fast. It was great!! The truck was now loaded with everything from our apartment. Andrew and his friend, Amit, loaded our storage unit and furniture from my mom's as Andrew's family helped me clean the apartment. The day was turning out to be OK. It was great to have all the help we did. That night we stayed at my Dad's, parked the truck up against a wall and had pizza waiting for us. We were just glad that the day was over. Friday morning, we got up before the sun and headed to Madison. Andrew drove the truck and I drove the CRV. The closing went very smoothly thanks to our loan officer and real estate agent. It started to rain and continued as we unloaded the truck, but everything else went well. Andrew's family came up that afternoon to see the house, have dinner and drive the truck back to Elgin. Thanks Patti, Dan and Maddy, that was a HUGE help!!!!! Two days and many dilemmas later, we were finally in our house with all of our belongings. It was a fabulous feeling to spend the night in our first home on Friday. Now the weird and sometimes scary noises of an older home that we heard that night.....that's a whole other story....

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  1. I'm glad you made it safely, hang in there!


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