Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trying to do everything and see everyone

Our last summer in Chicago was a fun filled couple of months. We made the most out of this time as we tried to do as many things "Chicago" as possible This included specialty food restaurants that we knew we could not get in Madison. We also tried to see all of our friends a couple of times before the move, but that proved difficult with everyone taking their own vacations and doing their own things. As our summer comes to a close, it is time to take a look back at our last couple of months in Chicago. It started with dinner and drinks with some good D23 friends; Tina, Mimi and Jason. We met them for a Mexican dinner at Zocalo. They met us right after they stood in line for hours waiting to see Johnny Depp at his premiere of Public Enemies. They saw him and Mimi even talked to him in French. After our delicious dinner we headed to Martini Park, a martini bar where we listened to a sweet 80's cover band called Spazmatics and had 2 too many martinis. So many to choose from, we all tried something different. My favorite was the traditional Cosmo. Can't go wrong with that, right mom? We continued to dance the night away to some awesome tunes. We also got to see Kristin a couple of times, but the most memorable was an afternoon and evening in Chicago watching the Cubs game! A great time was had by all as we participated in an all you can drink $25 deal, a fish bowl of powerade liquor goodness, many appetizers, some bartender friends named Catfish and Oyster and crying because I didn't want to leave her. All in all, an unforgettable night with great friends. Love you Kris! And no, Mimi I'm not going to put that picture on here!! As many of you know, we love to play volleyball with some of Andrew's friends from high school. It started as 'corporate challenge' when we would sneak into a corporate area and play on their nice court. But, we got caught and Wong couldn't bail us out anymore so we had to find other places to play. Anyway, we only got to play like once this summer, but it was a good last game. Most of the crew came out to play and we even went to Steak-n-Shake for some sweet treats after the big game. We will definitely miss the pick up games every couple of weekends. Yeah I know, I really have pictures for everything!! So a couple of Cubs games later, Scotty had tickets and we couldn't pass them up so we got to go with him too! Andrew and I celebrated our one year anniversary. It's hard to believe that we have been married for a year already. We continue to say that that was the best day of our lives and that we have such great family and friends that we got to celebrate our love with. We wish we could go back to that weekend often. To celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we went to Ben Pao, a fabulous Lettuce Entertain You Chinese restaurant in the city. It's probably one of our favorite restaurants and we hope to go back. Besides going out to dinner, we spent a couple days in Saugatuck, MI again. We took many pictures so that will be another post. We got to go to Ravinia a couple of times, but I only have pictures from one. The first time we went with our fun friends Mimi and Jason. We saw the symphony and found out you can get in free with a student ID (even if it is 15 years old and you don't look like that anymore). The symphony at Ravinia is great because it is not as crowded and you can sit pretty much where ever you want, especially if you get there before the gates open. We had a nice spread, good wine with great friends. We also went to Ravinia with my mom, step-dad and in-laws. We saw the symphony again and had another wonderful spread. It's really nice when both families get along. We all got to catch up and have a great night. So after a couple of bigger trips and fun times (which will be posted later) we finally got to move. We waited patiently the whole summer for August to come so we could make the move. With the many trips that we did take, we started the packing process early and lives among boxes since early July. We were glad the time had come to pack up everything and end this stressful process. (Please refer an earlier post for those details). On August 7, we drove with all of our belongs and Midnight to complete the closing, which went smoothly and become homeowners of the best house ever! This has been a great summer with lots of fabulous memories to remember the summer of the move.

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