Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Andrew turned 30!!

The time has come, on February 13, 2010 my fabulous husband turned 30.  To celebrate, I planned several surprises for the birthday boy.  

At school, his fellow teachers planned a birthday breakfast and posted pictures of young Andrew around the school too.  The kids were asking him all about it.  And he also got 30 of many things. 

His birthday was the same weekend as my Tim McGraw girls night, so it was a very busy weekend. After breakfast and hanging out much of the day on Saturday, we got ready to head to dinner.  Low and behold, Andrew's mom and Aunt Chris were at the door with his birthday cake.  We had a lovely dinner at Harvest.  It really was a delicious, several course meal.  With some time before heading out, we had a cocktail at the bar.  I didn't get a picture from dinner, but really wish I would have. 

We then left Patti and Ceese headed to The Nitty Gritty, THE birthday bar of Madison.  On your birthday you get free beer all day on your birthday, so we just had to go.  Andrew knew that several friends from Madison were coming, but had no idea to expect anything else.  A little after we got there, and were hanging with our local friends, several of our Chicago friends showed up.  Surprise!  Andrew had no idea that Brian, James and Katie and Schiewitz and her posse were coming.  It was a great night.  We stayed at Nitty Gritty then headed to KK, were we felt super old.  I actually got asked to to see another form or ID.  WHAT?!?!  

Here are some photos from the night....

Scott, Krizia and Janice (Two nights in a row for Jan)
  Jeanette and I
 Jager Bombs for everyone
Here you go Bri!
My hubby is 30.
The Boys.  Notice Andrew's yellow balloon (in honor of Iowa of course).
Schiewitz came too! 

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