Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fabulous Friends

Andrew and I talk all the time about the great friends we are so lucky to have.  We really feel blessed to have such wonderful, caring, fun people in our lives.  While we knew when we moved to Madison that we were moving away from so many of our fabulous friends, we have tried so hard to keep in touch with them while being up here.  Since moving, we have made several trips to Chicago and the surrounding areas to visit our friends.  We have joked that we have actually seen some of our friends more now than we did when we lived at home, simply because we are all making more of an effort to see each other. 

A couple of weeks ago we took an empty weekend and filled it with seeing three groups of friends.  While I don't have pictures from visiting with the Hartkes and Erin for a couple of hours as we made our way into the city, I will post one of their cute little boy Cole, just because.  Cutest kid ever!  So we only got to chat for a a little bit, it was just enough to catch-up, give lots of hugs, play and dance with Cole and remember how much we love them.
Cole modeling his Nemo Halloween Costume
After our visit in Crystal Lake, we headed down to the city to hang out with James, Katie, Ferdie and Brian.  Since Katie is a HUGE Colts fan, we watched a playoff game, broke out the victory box, caught up and played a ton of Wii--just a typical night with Andrew's Conant friends.  For those who may not know, I was one of the them until that night, this Victory Box was a wooden box with shots and a bottle of alcohol.  When the Colts scored we took a shot.  The Colts won that game, so the Victory Box did its job.  Once again, another fun night.  
Colts score--shots for everyone

So like I said earlier, when we make a trip home, we try to see as many people as we can.  So after our night of Colts and Wii, we met up with Kristin, Brendan, Megan and Steve to watch some more football.  Once again, just a few short hours, but a great time to catch up.  
The Girls

The Whole Group

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