Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tim McGraw is hot, my friends are hotter!

On February 12, some of my IL favorites came to Madison for the Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum Concert.  I love Lady Antebellum and was almost more excited about seeing them than I was Tim McGraw.  I know Tim's older songs, but am not a fan of his newest CD Southern Voice.  I think it has many slow and depressing songs, where so many of his older songs are so awesome. 

Anyway, Sara, Erin and Devon came up Friday afternoon.  We went to sushi for dinner, then headed to the concert to meet up with Janice and Jess.  The parking at the Colosseum was crazy.  For being the big venue in Madison, you would think they would know how to park thousands of cars, but apparently, they do not.  We got parked, entered, got some beers and started to head to our seats.  One of lady ushers helped us find our seats and as we were walking up to our row, you would have thought we were in the senior citizen section.  No joke, the average age was 60.  We were thinking as we were going up and up, we better not be sitting in front of any of these old ladies, or this might not turn out well.  We were ready to listen to some good tunes, have some fun, dance and sing.  The old ladies would not have liked that.  So we get to our seats and we are in the last row of the place.  We ended up having great seats.  We could stand and dance the whole time without bothering anyone, it was perfect.  

Lady Antebllum came out after The Lost Trailers and just blew the place away.  This will be the last time they are an opening act, seriously.  They are just awesome.  They do some sweet harmonies and their new CD Need You Now is incredible.  

 Lady Antebellum

Next came Tim McGraw.  Once I heard his voice, my heart just melted.  He has the most beautiful voice.  He did a great job of mixing in old and new songs, which I was really happy about.  I'm not quite sure what he was wearing (some sort of animal print), but the beard and hat are just hot.  I must say though, that my girls are hotter.  We rocked the concert and had a great time singing and dancing along.  

I wish I had a close up.
 The girls in the back.
Janice, Jess and I
  Druck and my cowboy boots and the old ladies in front of us.
After the concert, we went to the Great Dane to show these girls a good time in Madison.  Just like old times, partying at the bars.   I love these girls.
Sara, Erin and I.

Overall, just an awesome night.  Thanks guys for coming up.

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