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Our Family

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ode to Iowa

Wow, I said yesterday was a long day, today was even longer.  It's 11:30PM and we are JUST finishing for the day.  It's late and I'm tired, so it's going to be short.  

In honor of our beloved alma mater state...I have named this post Ode to Iowa.  I'm sure you're wondering why...well, let me tell you.  We searched high and low for the RIGHT color for our walls.  No joke, we tried at least 5 samples before I found one I liked (sorry Todd, Gold Buff was a close second).  The one we ended up liking is Sweet Corn a delicious, warm yellow.  After picking that, we had to pick a white to do the trim and ceiling in.  That color, that we just happen to like, is called White Corn-a beautiful, creamy white.  So state of Iowa, the corn capital of the world, we dedicate our kitchen to you.  

Today we did a lot of painting, prepared to install the cabinets and installed all the top cabinets.  You're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see that though.  Hopefully tomorrow won't be so long, and hopefully we get the bottom cabinets in without a hitch so the counter top guys can come and measure.

Here are just a few pictures from the day.

 Ceiling color--White Corn
 Color Reveal--Sweet Corn (This picture doesn't give it justice...I LOVE IT!!)
 Midnight was trying to help.
 Ange calling paint master Rick--we couldn't figure out how to trim the ceiling well.
We figured it out, now I'm the master.
 On a side note, look at the zucchini from my garden--It's HUGE!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!  Next up, CABINETS!!  
Here's a sneak peak...


  1. You guys are kicking butt in the kitchen reno department. I love yellow, it's going to look great, can't wait to see it!

  2. This is my first visit to the blog. Very exciting stuff guys. Perhaps even more exciting than the kitchen is the mutant zucchini you have growing in your garden. Did you get the seeds from Jeff's parents garden where they grow mutant squash?


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