Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Anniversary

On July 12, Andrew and I celebrated our second anniversary.  It is crazy to think that already two years ago, we had the greatest day of our lives.  All the hard work, paid off and I'm pretty sure we had the best wedding ever!  

For our honeymoon and last year, our first anniversary, we went to Saugatuck, MI.  Because we took a couple extra days in LA we decided not to go this year, although I think we are regretting it because we absolutely LOVE Saugatuck.  Andrew was going to surprise me with an overnight trip to Geneva or somewhere, but I didn't get my act together that day, I slept in and wasn't feeling too hot, so we did go.  We did, however, take a little ride to Spring Green to go to the infamous House on the Rock.  We had never been and thought we should go since we now live in WI. 

Have you ever been to the house on the rock?  It's kinda weird.  Alex Jordan, the designer created the a house for all of his weird collections.  The house is on a rock, and a hallway goes out over the trees.  It does have a nice view from the sun deck.  The house is broken up into small rooms, with the everything covered in carpet (even the ceilings because they are so low).  The collections include rooms named Carousel Room, Organ Room, and Streets of Yesterday just to name a few. 
View from the Sun Deck
Me being silly.
A view of the gardens.
Such pretty flowers and a great picture of us.
After the House on the Rock, we went to our favorite restaurant, PF Changs.  We can't find good Chinese food here, so we get it when and where we can.  

We also celebrated our anniversary by going to one of the great restaurants of Madison.  We have wanted to try Fresco for awhile, but it wasn't open the day of our anniversary so we made reservations for later that week.  Fresco is a fabulous restaurant on top of the Overture Center, the theater here in Madison.  So three stories up, with all glass windows, we got to sit out on the patio on a glorious summer night.  

We started with a couple of cocktails, and Caesar salads.  I had a short-rib and vegetable pasta and Andrew had salmon with tzatsiki sauce on a crepe.  We then had another cocktail and finished the night with dark chocolates from Gail Ambrosius, a local chocolate shop.  It was a great night and a delicious meal. 

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