Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Weekend of Work

Saturday: Not too much has changed since the last post.  My dad got here late Friday night and first thing Saturday morning, we took the trip to Home Depot to get all the materials we need.  It took us about 2 hours to get everything we needed.  Dad then  took out the base cabinets and sink.  That was a tough job, but he did a great job of it.  Andrew and I were enjoying tailgating and the Jack Johnson concert at Alpine (post to come later) for Jeanette's birthday while dad was busy at work--thanks Daddy.  He reused wood from our old cabinets to fix the floor which didn't have any support under the cabinets.  Seriously, who did this kitchen 50 years ago, I guess the requirements have changed.

Jamey, the electrician, was also here doing some work on Saturday.  He added most of our new outlets.  We only had 1 above the counter top, which was definitely not enough, so we added 3 more.  He also did the backyard light and added electrical for the under cabinet lighting.  I'm really excited about the under cabinet lighting, it will look really nice.  We came home to a completely empty kitchen, it looked great!

Sunday: Andrew started in on the work today and has been mudding and repairing the holes in the walls.  For some reason, all of the holes for the microwave and pot rack left HUGE (almost 1 inch holes) so we had quite a bit of repair work to do.  Also, while pulling out the top cabinets, the wall just seemed to disintegrate with the nails, so Andrew fixed all those holes too. Dad has been marking out where the cabinets will go and finalizing work on the plumbing.  It's all coming together.  And me, well, I'm still recovering from last night and documenting this whole process.  I'm sure I'll get put to work more the next several days.

We were worried about mold on the walls once we pulled the cabinets out because we had to fix some right when we moved in, but there was not more which we are really thankful for.  We weren't sure what we would find behind there.

We have also set the plan for the entire week, noting what we hope to get done each day.  Hopefully we can stay on track and nothing comes up.

Monday: Finalize electrical and wall repair work and possibly paint the ceiling and walls.  We picked out Sweetcorn, a really pretty yellow, for the walls, and White Corn for the ceilings, all in honor of Iowa.  Haha, just kidding, we just liked the colors.  
Tuesday: Second coats of paint as needed, start painting the baseboards and prepare for cabinet installation.  
Wednesday: Cabinet installation
Thursday: Finish cabinet installation, get counter top measured, lay floor.
Friday: The "oh shit" day--finalizing the work and fixing anything that comes up. 

We will see if this plan sticks, so keep following to see if we can do it!  And wish us luck, we have a lot of work to do in a short period of time. 

Here is the empty kitchen.  Look at the floor and plumbing work--Looks good Dad.  Also notice the new blue boxes for our light switches and new outlets.
 Dad in our command station, the Garage. 

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  1. You guys rock! I'm curious how everything goes, as we're looking at doing some remodeling ourselves. Good luck!!


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