Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We've Got Cabinets Here!

Boy do we ever....13 brand, spankin' new honey maple cabinets.  It was another busy day on Anchor Drive as we completed the cabinet installation. Woohoo!!!  They look AWESOME.  It is so cool to see everything coming together.

We worked super hard last night and this morning to install all 13 cabinets--6 upper and 7 lower.  We have so much cabinet space, I'm not sure we will know what to do with it.  Seriously, it's way more than we could have asked for.  

While it is was super tough to hang all of the cabinets, we struggled through it and completed it well.  It was so tough, we went through 2 drill bits and one even totally just disintegrated into the wood it was so worn out.  Dad's hands are completely shot after drilling so much.  Near the end too, one drill bit was smoking, we thought they would set off all the smoke alarm.  

Here are the drills all lined up in a row.  One drill for drilling holes into the walls, another for drilling holes into the wood and another to drill in the screws.  
Three little drills, all in a row, ready for another long day....
Master of the trim and the drills--not really, Dad is the Drill Master--I just like to pretend.

I am super happy with the paint color and cabinet color together as we finally see them together.  Now I can only hope that the counter top matches and looks just as good.  

Now the moment, you've all been waiting for....here are pictures of all of our hard work.  Don't they look phenomenal?!?!

Introducing our new cabinets!!
1 cabinet...
2 cabinets...
3 cabinets...
We are SO happy these are up!
Andrew learning from the drilling, leveling, plumbing, electrical, masonry, sawing, tiling, cabinet installing, you name it, master.  Seriously my dad does it all.
Dad's wonderful plumbing and drill work in the sink cabinet.
Oven side with newly installed microwave--notice the beautiful paint color!
Sink side.

Now just imagine the stove, dishwasher and refrigerator in place.  It is really starting to feel like a kitchen, I can't wait to have all of the appliances in place.  I think once the floor is done, it will feel more complete too.  And I can't wait to put everything back in the kitchen and clean up this house.  It is driving me crazy.

Tomorrow the men will be installing the ceramic tile!  I want to give HUGE (I mean HUUUUUGGGGEE) props to my dad and Andrew for working so hard this whole week.  While they were working tonight, I got to go to book club and tomorrow I get to spend some girl time with Jeanette for her birthday.  Thanks guys!

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