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Our Family

Friday, July 23, 2010

Retro Wallpaper

On Thursday, Andrew and I started the Kitchen renovation by demolishing the kitchen...by ourselves.  We really had no idea what we had to do, so with a little encouragement from my dad, we went at it.  You see, I have been around home projects since I was little.  I have never lived in a house with my dad that wasn't getting something redone...a new bathroom, new kitchen, a wall taken out...you name it, my dad has done it.  And Andrew on the other hand, really is not very handy.  Simply by being around, I learned a lot, Andrew not so much.  

So there we were, drill and hammer in hand, we just went for it.  Our first dilemma, turning off the water line to the ice-maker in the freezer.  After several attempts, we got it.  Just a small victory for us, I was very proud.  Each thing we did, the more confident we got!  We ended the day with all the appliances out, most of the cabinets out and the flooring ripped up.  When didn't know what would present itself once the cabinets were down and we were a bit frightened.  Nothing to be scared off though, just some awesome retro wallpaper.  Oh to have seen the kitchen during that time.  Here are some pictures of our demo day.
The cabinets are empty....let's get the demo party started.  
Oh, and which paint color (on the left) do you like.  I can't seem to decide.
Our first accomplishment--the water line to the fridge.
Look at that awesome wallpaper.
Safety first--love the goggles.
The older cabinets were a bit more difficult.
Who uses nails to put cabinets up?  Whoever did our kitchen, that's who.  We had a really difficult time with these and pretty much took the whole wall out, but we finally got them!  Whew.  We thought we would be stuck with them forever.
The end product!  Had to wait for the sink cabinet (it's one whole piece) and counter top because of the water cut-off.  It would turn off ALL the water to the house and we didn't want to do that, or mess with it, so we are waiting for dad to help us. 
Friday, our electrician came.  He's the boyfriend of one of my fabulous EAs from school.  He has done a great job and got a lot done today. 

Saturday, we head to home depot to pick up all the other necessary supplies with dad and continue with the demo.  The electrician will continue working as dad figures out the plan and gets the sink cabinet out. 

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